YuppTV announces the digital premiere of 2016 blockbusters, Oopiri and Thozha!

Starring leading stars Nagarjuna, Karthi, Tamannah, Prakash Raj & Jayasudha, these critically acclaimed films are now available on the YuppTV platform

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New Delhi, April 29, 2016: In a move to delight the Indian expat community, YuppTV, the world’s largest Over-The-Top (OTT) provider for South Asian content, has announced the digital premiere of two super-hit movies, Oopiri and Thozha. The movies, which stars renowned actors such as Nagarjuna Akkineni, Karthi, Tamannah, Prakash Raj and Jayasudha, will be made available for YuppTV users across the world, with the exception of India.

The Indian Telugu-Tamil comedy-drama film adaptation of the French film The Intouchables, Oopiri (Telugu) and Thozha (Tamil) are directed by Vamsi Paidipally and chart the life of a paraplegic billionaire Vikram Aditya, played by Nagarjuna, and his topsy-turvy relationship with his caretaker Seenu, enacted by Karthi. The unique concept of the movies and the performances has been appreciated by both critics and the viewers, resulting in their superlative success. 

Speaking on the announcement, Uday Reddy, Founder and CEO, YuppTV, said, “We, at YuppTV, have always endeavoured to provide highly curated, relevant and the latest entertainment solutions to our viewers across the globe. Making these movies available through YuppTV’s platform will allow our expat users to see their favourite superstars in action, and underlines our commitment to enable access to the latest super hits off the shelf.”

Prasad V. Potluri, Chairman of the PVP Group, added, “Being the largest OTT enabler for South Asian content in the world, partnering with YuppTV for the digital premiere of our movies will allow us to reach out a massive viewer base. Our Oopiri/Thozha is a movie celebrating life and it showcases the relationship between a physically challenged billionaire and a socially challenged slum dweller. We are confident that the Telugu and Tamil speaking viewers around the globe will enjoy this movie.”

The movies can be accessed through the YuppTV website, www.yupptv.com, or via its app on Smart TVs, Smart blu-ray players, streaming media players, gaming consoles, smartphones and tablets.

About YuppTV

YuppTV is one of the world’s largest internet-based TV and On-demand service provider for South Asian content, offering more than 200+ TV channels, 5000+ Movies and 100+ TV Shows in 12 languages. YuppTV has 25000 hours of entertainment content catalogued in its library, while nearly 2500 hours of new on-demand content is added to the YuppTV platform every day. YuppTV offers Live TV and Catch-Up TV technology. YuppTV has its presence in more than 50 countries. It has recently launched Yupp Flix, a movie on demand streaming service for Expat Market and YuppTV Bazaar an online marketplace for the premium content curator. YuppTV is currently ranked #1 Internet Pay TV platform for Indians living abroad and also the largest Internet TV platform from premium content availability in India. YuppTV is the most downloaded Indian Smart TV app and it also boasts of 8 million mobile downloads with 4.0 user rating. 

India vs Pakistan Micromax Asia Cup T20 Live

Hey, cricket lovers what is the trending thing you all are excited about? I know for sure, it is Micromax Asia Cup T20 2016, isn’t it? In fact we all are excited about this tournament, with already some thrilling matches played, our excitement is at its extreme. And you all must have spared your date and time for the next and one of the most watched India vs Pakistan match between the two so called ‘intense rivals’. The people of both the countries are crazy about cricket and especially would never miss the match between their countries.


India vs Pakistan match is always one of the most dramatic, fun filled and thriller match played, since the motivation of both the countries are high to beat each other. But at the same time the pressure on both the teams is also high enough to make them do some really big and silly mistakes. The one who sustains the pressure and still performs the best have their very chance of winning this match.

India being in form because of its consecutive wins in the two previous series to this tournament and also having won the very first match with Bangladesh are thought to be very prone to winning the series as well. So they are already the favourites of the viewers! They also have some very good players who are performing well in the series such as the explosive Virat Kohli, the reliable captain Dhoni and even the bowlers like Nehra and Bumrah. With a terrific batting lineup and very talented bowlers, India has every chance of winning the India vs Pakistan match. Inpite of the pressure, Virat Kohli has even claimed in an interview that they would be playing their natural game as they play with any other country and that pressure thing is only amongst the crowd of both the countries.

But who can predict outcome of India vs Pakistan as both the game of cricket and the teams are very unpredictable. Pakistan has always surprised us with some unusual wins especially against India. Also there is no doubt that Pakistan team has some very good players like the aggressive Shahid Afridi and the two players in form like Umar Akmal and Shoaib Malik. The players are even more prone to perform their best in India vs Pakistan game because every part of them would really love to beat their arch rivals.

So ready to watch the Micromax Asia Cup T20 India vs Pakistan match Live today on 27th February, then save the time and watch the match with your family and friends and of course some snacking to be done. People can enjoy the live streaming of the Micromax Asia Cup T20 matches on YuppTV. So, what is restraining you people to watch this excited and thrilling tournament? Go on leave everything and enjoy some of the very best moments that these matches are gonna provide you with all the drama and hysteria and some really heated action!

India Vs Pakistan 27th Feb 2016 – A Fiery Second Match In 2016 Asia Cup Line-Up

Two rival nations locking horns for three hours on the field is a pit fire of intense tension, anticipation, excitement, and emotion that rightly sparks into revelry of the game itself. There is not a single cricket loving fan who is left untouched by the scorching sense of competition that permeates the atmosphere surrounding an India vs Pakistan match.


With YuppTV gaining exclusive access to the Micromax Asia Cup T20 matches, watching this particular match between the rivals online or on mobile platforms has become super easy. Live streaming of the series will be available FREE across nations New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, and UK except for in US where it is a paid broadcast. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on all the action that Asia Cup T20 matches promises.

Read more: http://www.sportzup.org/cricket/india-vs-pakistan-27th-feb-2016-a-fiery-second-match-in-2016-asia-cup-line-up.html


India vs Pakistan Asia Cup T20 2016


Call your friends to your home, arrange unlimited snacks and set-up your device with YuppTV to watch India vs Pakistan Live streaming. Hurry-up!! It is going to be aired on 27th March.

YuppTV is offering Free Live Streaming of India vs Pakistan Micromax Asia Cup T20 2016 in UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe and paid for US.

Catch the Exhilaration of 2016 Micromax Asia Cup T20 Cricket Live on YuppTV

Cricket is a game unparalleled in its power to provide an enviable level of excitement among the viewers and recognizing the pulse of the audience, YuppTV forays into sports telecast for the very first time. The upcoming Asia Cup T20 cricket tournament to be held in Bangladesh from 24th February to 6th March 2016 promises an exhilarating series of innings. The Asia Cup 2016 Cricket Teams include– hosts Bangladesh, defending champions Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, and one other team to be declared by a qualifier to be held in the week leading up to the tournament.

Asia Cup T20

The 2016 Asia Cup Qualifier will be held from 19th Feb to 22nd Feb 2016 among the four Asian associate members of the ICC – Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates. The winner will compete with the rest of the four teams competing for the Asia Cup. The t20 format of the Asia Cup events will be played as precursor to the World T20s Championships in 2016 and 2020 while the 2018 and 2022 ones will be played in the ODI format.

The Asia Cup 2016 Schedule begins on an exciting note as a Day/Night match between India and Bangladesh on 24th February 2016 at Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium in Mirpur. With undoubtedly a packed audience in attendance at the venue, the millions of viewers waiting with bated breath to catch the epic playoff between two stellar teams will have to tune in to the live telecast.

Owing to popular demand, YuppTV is proud and equally thrilled to present an EXCLUSIVE Live telecast of the 2 weeks of supreme cricketing action. With a simple requirement of online registration, all cricket lovers who are eager to live and breathe the most anticipated tournament of the year have the opportunity to catch an uninterrupted telecast of Micromax Asia Cup T20 Cricket Live absolutely FREE in several countries. The live streaming of the game can be viewed on all internet enabled smart devices such as iPhones, smartphones and smart devices.

India vs Pakistan Asia Cup T20 Match – The Most Colorful Rivalry

As the cricket fans all around the world prepare for another heart throbbing Asia Cup, there has been a plenty of murmur about the drama and pressure that is associated with India vs Pakistan rivalry.
For the two arch rivals, at stake are not just the matches. Winners are immortalized, carriers are made and derailed and winners are defined. The influence of this rivalry has extended well into the sports person’s individual lives, and in most cases, continue even after the outcome is decided.




There is perhaps no intriguing and fascinating cricket rivalry than the India-Pakistan contest; something which is perhaps the embodiment of Orwell’s War Minus the Shooting definition of modern sports.


It would have been fascinating to record George Orwell’s reaction when Pakistan came to India in 1999 for the first match between two countries after a gap of ten years.
The tension was visible in the air. It was not the distress that surrounds an India vs Pakistan match Live. It came in the backdrop of ten years old gap and each side was burdened with the threats of consequences by the extremists should they lose the series. Whether it was Sydney in 1992, Manchester in 1999, Centurion in 2003 and Mohali in 2011, the same story was repeated everywhere. Whether it is one day international, T 20, World Cup or Asia Cup match, it hardly matters a bit. The upcoming Asia Cup 2016 is going to be no exception.


The fact that India has most of the time been winning side makes the rivalry more interesting. Perhaps it is because India has better been able to handle the pressure than their counterparts. Maybe it is because Pakistani team has been too impatient. There is no hard and fast answer to the question as both the teams have equal potential.


After 2014, both the teams are coming in front of each other on 27th of February 2016 at Sher-e-Bangla Stadium, Mirpur. Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and one yet to be qualified team will also be the part of the series. India will face Bangladesh in the opening match of the series before taking on Pakistan. The third match between the arch rivals will be played on 3rd of March 2016.


It is going to be a dramatic series that no cricket fan will miss. So get yourself registered on the YuppTV right now as it is going to present an exclusive live telecast of Micromax Asia Cup T20 and enjoy all the matches on your tablets, iPhone, smart TV and all the other smart devices.

How well do you know the game of Cricket?

In history, cricket was said to be the first game ever organized in England for the First World Cup tournament. This particular game is said to have 42 laws to make sure fairness and camaraderie are maintained. The mechanics of the game basically involves hitting the ball with a bat or a club. It was widely played by aristocrats and noblemen in the late eighteenth centuries. The most primitive laws were laid out in that perspective, to help control a game on which huge amount of money were being gambled. Nowadays, the 42 laws are not being followed any more especially with different counsellors. The new laws in cricket make the game more interesting to play with. The cricket lovers have every reason to enjoy.

With this information, cricket has known to be the most important event in world cup tournaments. The best example would be the Asia’s World Cup or the Asia’s Cup 2016 T20 tournament. This is one of the huge events in sports history. Asian countries will play a big part on this tournament. Some of them are India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Hong Kong. There will be an Asia Cup 2016 T20 Live Streaming on all internet and cable service providers. With the simple online registrations, crickets’ enthusiasts can be able to access live streaming of the game with the use of their mobile phones or tablets.

Most sports channels take this opportunity to advertise their network. This game will be broadcast live to some well-known networks including sports programs. The game will be much anticipated by sports enthusiasts all around the globe. In the addition to being the world’s most awaited events, cricket has inspired more athletes in the whole Asia to strive harder and take a leap forward to their goals of making their own countries proud.

YuppTV will telecast Micromax Asia Cup T20. It is a well-known live TV program in India that broadcasts mostly live events or Bollywood movies and serials. This year, they finally got the honor to host the most sought-after event in Asia. This network delivers entertainment and pleasure to audience nationwide. They are known to provide quality viewing for subscribers. They are best known for their clear and uninterrupted viewing. To telecast an exclusively live event such as Asia Cup 2016 T20 is considered to be a great honor in the network’s history.